France Network Community Internet Exchange

What is FNC-IX, and what key factors led to its creation?

FNC-IX was established with the primary aim of simplifying peering at the DC2Scale location in Vélizy-Villacoublay, Paris.

Recognizing the absence of other exchanges in the area, FNC-IX seeks to fill this gap by providing connectivity for its peers.

Redundant Route-Servers

Leverage the advanced architecture of our redundant route servers to maximize peering efficiency among network participants. Our sophisticated system ensures uninterrupted connectivity and optimal route selection, enabling seamless data flow and enhanced network resilience.

Premium Platform Access

Experience unparalleled network performance with access to our high-speed, 10G or 25G Ethernet ports available at any FNC-IX enabled data center. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is designed to cater to your high-bandwidth needs, ensuring fast, reliable, and secure connectivity.

Comprehensive Peering Service

Join the FNC-IX peering LAN and immerse yourself in a collaborative networking environment. This platform allows you to establish BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) sessions with all other members, fostering a robust and interconnected community that enhances data exchange and reduces latency.

Exclusive Private VLANs

Utilize our dedicated Layer 2 VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service)-based L2 circuits to establish direct, secure communication with other members. Our private VLANs offer a controlled environment for data exchange, ensuring privacy, security, and efficient traffic management tailored to your specific networking requirements.
Be part of a growing community!
At FNC-IX, we offer more than just peering and transport services; we provide a platform for growth and innovation under the most favorable conditions. Our cutting-edge EVPN-based technology underpins both our peering LAN and private VLAN services, ensuring unparalleled reliability and stability for your network. Become an integral part of a community that's dedicated to enhancing and revolutionizing your peering experiences.
Discover the Future of Networking with FNC-IX
Step into the world of advanced networking with FNC-IX, where we redefine connectivity. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, including redundant route servers and high-speed Ethernet ports, is designed to elevate your network's performance to its peak. Join us and be at the forefront of the networking revolution, enjoying seamless, secure, and ultra-fast connectivity.
Empower Your Network with FNC-IX's Innovative Solutions
Empower Your Network with FNC-IX's Innovative Solutions. FNC-IX is not just a network service provider; we are enablers of your network's potential. Our sophisticated EVPN technology, combined with personalized VLAN solutions, offers you a canvas to create a network that's not only efficient but also resilient. Join FNC-IX and harness the power of advanced technology to fuel your network's growth and reliability.
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Member benefits:

Latency Optimised

Experience Rapid Data Transfer: FNC-IX is dedicated to providing swift and seamless data exchange. Our strategically positioned infrastructure guarantees reduced latency, significantly boosting your network’s performance and elevating the overall user experience.


FNC-IX brings cost-effectiveness to the forefront. Through neutral and affordable peering solutions, enjoy efficient data transfer without the burden of unnecessary expenses.

Flexible platform

Effortlessly establish one or more virtual Private Network Interconnect (PNI) connections with fellow peering participants. Leveraging our adaptable peering platform, you are entitled to up to two complimentary virtual connections, augmenting your existing peering bandwidth.