France Network Community Internet Exchange

Essential Equipment

For optimal connectivity at FNC-IX, members should have:

  • A router with BGP version 4 support.
  • A router that is capable of large FIB sizes.
  • A router that is capable of VLAN tagging (for mulitple services per port only)
  • A free dedicated SFP+ or SFP28 port for the 10G or 25G access.

IP & Routing Standards

To ensure stability and security, it is essential for members to comply with these standards:

  • Only use the allocated IP addresses on the peering interface
  • Validate announced routes using recognized Internet Routing Registry (IRR) route objects.
  • Implement RPKI for enhanced route validation and security.
  • Avoid propagating default or exhaustive routes to FNC-IX Route Servers.
  • For added security, disable non-IP and non-IPv6 protocols.
  • Don’t enable IPv6 router advertisement, some routers have this enabled by default.

BGP Best Practices

At FNC-IX, we place a high priority on data security and network integrity, with a commitment to nurturing a reliable peering community. To ensure a secure and stable peering environment, we implement the following measures:

  • Set Max-prefix limits to mitigate route leaks.
  • Filter outbound announcements to ensure appropriate prefix announcements.
  • Regularly update routing equipment to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.
  • Adopt best practices like prefix filtering and route validation.

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